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About us

The proud owner of Gomez Upholstery LLC, has had no short journey towards being known as one of the best craftsmen in the Midwest. With his beginnings in a village town/small town of Siguatepeque, Comayagua Honduras, Jose was born the fifth of sixth children and as a younger sibling he learned of the reward of hard work from his parents and older siblings.

From a young age Jose Gomez always possessed an affinity for plants, animals, and art. The tropical forests, and deep valleys of his hometown provided plenty of imagery and inspiration for much of his aesthetic and artistic value input in much of his art. As a teenager Gomez tried his hand at painting his surrounding environment. From the different flora and fauna Jose recalls planting and harvesting the now fully grown apricot, avocado, lemon, fig, and mango trees at his home. These skills and memories would forever be etched in his memory and his heart. Jose was no stranger to hard work. He learned how to upholster from his father who shared with him everything he knew about the trade. By the age of 10 he was working alongside his father who Jose says “was his greatest teacher”. Papa Gomez passed away, and young Jose began working in different shops around town. He did upholstery, sold fruit, worked in bakeries, and did what he could to help his grief-stricken family. Little did he know, that his future work in upholstery would gain him recognition as one of the best tradesmen in the world.

By the age of 18, Jose landed himself a job with the Royal Caribbean cruise line. He embarked upon the next phase of his life with a heart full of aspiration and ambition. He flew to New York and began a nine month journey working on the former cruise ship SS Galileo Galilei. At the time it was the most exciting thing he had ever done as he sailed around the Caribbean Sea visiting places like Bermuda, Cancun, Jamaica, and St. Thomas. After nine months of arduous labor on the ship he decided to settle next in Miami, Floida. As a young expat in a new country, Jose found work and employment in various sectors of colorful Miami. One year he worked as a waiter in latin bars and restaurants. However one particular job that has stayed with the artist, is the one in which he worked at a hot-dog stand. Jose recalls working in the south Florida sun and 100 degree temperatures dressed in a hot-dog suit, showcasing his dancing skills for people to come and try some delectable hot-dogs. So here we have a young man that has sailed the salty tropical seas, waited tables, bartended in nightclubs, and shimmied in a giant hotdog suit on the busy avenues of Miami. These experiences have remained a vital part of his motivation towards his current success, and have contributed to his uncompromised work-ethic and dedication to his business projects.

After working all these different jobs, he eventually returned to trade that he loved the most: upholstery. While enhancing upholstering his skills in the colorful and bustling metropolis of southern Florida, he acquired an extensive client list which included some well-known personalities in the latino community by the likes of Walter Mercado, Cecilia Boloco, and Julio Iglesias. Jose spent ten years in Miami before deciding to take a road trip to St. Louis to visit a friend. With a hunger and curiosity of the world he gladly accepted and found himself on a two day road trip towards the Gateway City to the West. Upon the drive to St. Louis, somewhere in Tennessee while lost in his thoughts (about halfway there), Jose recalls a life-defining moment. He recalls a conversation that he had twith himself, in which he he prayed to The Most High god and asked for a new beginning. The very next day after he arrived in St. Louis his car with all his belongings was stolen from him, thus his new start was granted. Though he admits he felt defeated and helpless at the time, as the days passed, he understood this to be a signal unto himself, a sort of omen that he was in the right place at the right time. Jose was since filled with a type of ambition that allowed him to take advantage of a newfound opportunity to rebuild and reinvent himself in a new place. Very soon afterwards in the subsequent months and years, the boy from a small village in Honduras found work in various small upholstery shops. All the while overcoming an invisible but very real language barrier and learning how to navigate a brand new city and support himself. “It was difficult at first,” he recalls. “I did not speak a lot of English and I had to learn how to use public transportation. I taught myself how to ride the bus and train and I got lost quite a few times”.

He further refined his skills and absorbed everything he could about the trade like a sponge. And in 2001 Jose opened up Gomez Upholstery LLC at the intersection of Chippewa and Watson.